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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine


Three layer coextrusion film blowing machine except with reasonable flow design, main parts, key components are used processing equipment, ensure channel high accuracy and good surface accuracy, phantom interchangeability is strong, small resistance, material flow, temperature distribution is uniform, stable rotation of the body of the mold, good sealing performance. This machine adopts advanced technology, advanced technology of Germany lehou Schoenberg, design and manufacture. Its unit output is higher than the country's best similar products, production increased by 40%. This unit is suitable for raw materials: LDPE-HDPE-LLDPE-EAA Mao metal and other kinds of polyethylene raw materials, etc.. The production of plastic products, plastic good, good transparency, high surface finish, high density, strong resistance to penetration, improve the physical properties of the product.

SGXM-2200X3 three-layer co extruded composite film production line consists of two SJ60X30. 1 and Taiwan sj70 extruder, die, air ring, cooling system, 2200 traction and auxiliary equipment of rewinding, electric control system, the performance of the whole machine are as follows:

A, CO extrusion die channel computer optimization design adapt to a variety of raw materials of composite extrusion

B, port module replacement, to adapt to different specifications of the film

C, on the level of traction and positive and negative 360 degrees to rotate, so that the winding formation

D, IBC film bubble inner cooling system

E, applicable raw materials: LDPEHDPELLDPEMLLDPEEVA/ Mao metal and its mixture

The unit is based on the absorption of German technology, relying on the strong technology development capacity of our factory itself. Several different properties of the material organization of extruded composite lining machine control element bag cage, stuck in the composite machine. Blow mixture of HDPE and LLDPE outer from the inside of the machine head composite EVA, thickness of 0.003-0.10mm. According to the technology of plastic products, adjust the layer composite film, if the cuticle, liquid packaging film, ring optical film, cooking film, compound film base material etc., products with relatively low cost, added value and good, widely used in field of food, medicine, daily chemical industry, building materials industry, communication cable, such as high-grade electrical packaging is ideal for plastic packaging industry.

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

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