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Plastic film blowing machine

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Plastic film blowing machine

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Dalian plastic film blowing machine boot steps:

1, the heating extruder body, head, die, control the temperature of each point within the index.

2, such as putting the drive, the heating temperature of target range need constant temperature of 10 to 30 minutes, such as parking for half an hour driving, don't need to keep constant temperature.

3, start the air compressor, cylinder pressure 6 - 8kg/cm to stop the standby.

4, according to the film size, thickness requirements and extrusion machine production capacity for processing, estimation of traction speed and stability of the bubble diameter.

5, the temperature reached the index requirements, wear the PPE, in order to start drawing machine, extrusion machine, blower.

6, mold discharging uniform, can wear gloves slow lifting tube, and the tube billet end closed, ajar inlet regulating valve, from the center hole of the mandrel blown into a small amount of compressed air, and then carefully lighted foam frame, lambdoidal board, and penetrates into the traction roller, guide and direct to coiling.

7, check the film thickness, width, and to adjust, so that it can achieve the requirements of.

There are a variety of film blowing machine, PE, POF, PVC and so on. With a new particle blowing out of the new material, the color is said, clean, the bag is stretched well. Some people use plastic bags for recycling to made of particles, the particles generally called old material, made of particles is usually gray, in the form of a bag usually add pigment, made of bag of uneven color, brittle and easily broken, the price is lower.

Plastic film blowing machine

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