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Plastic film blowing machine

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Plastic film blowing machine

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Plastic film blowing machine

Dalian plastics blown film machineUsed for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene, the products are widely used in composite film, packaging film, agricultural covering film, textiles, clothing bag or film packaging;Auxiliary machine equipped with lift traction, stabilizing device, can use the steady production, all the guide roller surface plating chromium, long service life.Clean the extrusion machine and die can use copper knife, rod or compressed air to clean up, but don't damage the screw and screw is bright and clean surface.Has the new technical performance, low energy consumption, high yield.You must check each operation starting power supply wiring whether there is a disconnect, leakage;Operation of the machine operator can not stand in the front, lest appear accidental injury and operating personnel.Check instrument damage is not normal.To ensure the safety of the parts first before starting the normal, lest affect production and cause an accident.This film because of its good barrier property, moisture proof, anti frost, oxygen insulation, fresh, oil resistant, can be widely used in light and heavy package.Such as medical supplies all kinds of fresh fruit, meat, liquid beverage, pickles, fresh milk, etc.Die discharge uniform, can wear gloves slowly lift tube billet, pipe end will be closed at the same time, the micro into gas regulator, from central hole of the plug in a small amount of compressed air, and then carefully stiff foam frame, plates, and wear into the traction roller, guide roller and coiling.This factory take the old products, old equipment renewal and reconstruction.According to the requirements of the supporters design and processing all kinds of rotating head, rotating wind ring, etc to rapidly replace the device.Guarantees products, is responsible for the safe commissioning, operator training, welcome to negotiate the choose and buy.

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