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Three - layer coextrusion blowing machine blowing film color are called

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Three - layer coextrusion blowing machine blowing film color are called

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ABA three-layer co-extrusion bag blowing machine to produce vest bags and garbage bags has become the mainstream development trend of the current market, and gradually replace single-layer bag blowing machine, in addition to effectively reduce the cost of raw materials, three-layer co-extrusion film has a stronger tensile strength and elasticity. Because ABA three-layer co-extrusion bag blowing machine can add a high proportion of calcium carbonate filler and secondary recycling material to the middle B layer production, greatly reducing the production cost, so it is increasingly popular and widely used in the market.

Compared with similar equipment, three-layer co-extrusion blowing film machine has the advantages of higher output, good plasticization of plastic products, low energy consumption and simple operation, which completely solves the problems of flounce and roll size, and makes the product quality a new level. It is helpful to know the operation rules of three-layer coextrusion blowing machine to produce high quality plastic film products. Check whether the normal voltage and whether the air pump and valve are normal and effective, and check whether all parts of the circuit is correct, check whether the oil level of the three reducer is up to the standard, if there is any abnormal situation, timely repair and treatment.

The screw central shaft of the blow molding machine is made of molybdenum, aluminum alloy through the treatment of nitrogen, etc., which has the advantages of good height and thickness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, etc. The unique structure of the film blower makes the output gas more even. It adopts the square frame platform structure, which can be automatically adjusted according to different technical requirements. Discharging equipment adopts center rotating equipment and peeling rotating equipment, torque motor is used to adjust the smoothness of the film, so it is convenient and quick to operate.

Blow molding machine is generally divided into extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and the special structure of the three categories of blow molding machine, which stretch blow molding machine can be attributed to the above each kind of extrusion blow molding machine is the combination of blow molding machine and extruder, the extruding machine, parison die and mold clamping mechanism, drive unit and the parison thickness control system, etc, is one of the important components in determining the quality of blow molding products, large goods when blowing more adopted type cylinder type parison die head.

Three - layer co-extrusion blowing film machine with new material blown out of the film, color and luster are called, clean, finished stretch well. If the plastic particles made from recycled waste plastic, when made into a film often add pigment, made of film may be uneven coloring, brittle and easy to break, the price is also low. This film because of its good barrier, fresh, anti - wet, anti - frost, oxygen, oil, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging.

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