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Operation specification of film blowing machine is briefly described

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Operation specification of film blowing machine is briefly described

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Low density polyethylene film is a translucent, shiny, soft film, with excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water and moisture resistance, freezing resistance, can be boiled. Its tension disadvantage is the poor isolation of oxygen, often used in composite flexible packaging materials of the inner film, but also the current application of universal, a large amount of plastic packaging film, about 40% of the plastic packaging film consumption above.

The main engine gear box and traction reduction box should be regularly refueling, replace the gear oil, new machine please replace the new gear oil in 10 days or so, to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to refueling, to prevent stuck and overheating damage, but also should check the fastening of the connection parts, to prevent loose bolts. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in an appropriate amount, because the compressed air will leak out during the traction process, please timely supplement.

A film blowing machine with good performance shows good market adaptability in the process of film production, improves production efficiency, provides convenience for people and promotes harmonious development of society. Food packaging is the application of film in many fields, film blowing machine blown out of the high-grade film can be used as commodity packaging publicity, improve the commercial value.

Continuously toward the direction of energy saving and emission reduction, green energy saving ideas into more and more, many high consumption and inefficient mechanical products on the market to be being washed out gradually, plastic film blowing machine industry but also keep up with the specification, the energy conservation and emissions reduction, PE heat shrinkable film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry application of high-tech, produce a new type of blown film machine complied with the diversification of market demand.

Do not start the extruder and rotary die head without heating or heating temperature and time, otherwise it will damage the equipment. When unpacking raw materials, check whether there are wet materials. Wet materials shall not be mixed, and can only be used after drying in the drying room. Die head and die mouth cleaning can only be used to clean the die mouth, not with a shovel, iron scraping die mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the die mouth.

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