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The energy saving of film blowing unit can be divided into two parts

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The energy saving of film blowing unit can be divided into two parts

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The energy saving of the film blowing unit can be divided into two parts: the power part and the heating part. Power saving: most of them use frequency converter to save energy. For example, the actual power of the motor is 50Hz, but you only need 30Hz in production, and those extra energy consumption will be wasted. Frequency converter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve energy saving effect.

Energy saving in heating part: the energy saving in heating part is mostly by using electromagnetic heater, and the energy saving rate is about 30%-70% of the old resistive ring. Compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater has an additional insulation layer, and the heat utilization rate increases. Compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater ACTS on the material tube directly, reducing the heat loss of heat transfer. Compared to resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater heats up more than a quarter faster, reducing the heating time.

Man-machine interface operation, Chinese display, interface simple and clear. Easy operation, manual/automatic conversion. Quick response and stable after automatic operation. Easy to operate and stable when changing specifications. Display accuracy, high control accuracy.

Generally, one or two die heads will be provided by the supplier of the drawing film machine. Some will be equipped with one die body and three core die covers. It is convenient to change the specification of mold opening according to different blowing drawing film specifications. It is helpful to guarantee the quality of blown stretch film. Now there are many blowing film factory to a mold according to install, regardless of blown stretch film size, has been using this mold mouth, never to replace. Correct its reason, do not know to add operator lazy.

Dalian blow mould unit said two blown film machine total power of 78 kw, with 16 electric heating coil, heating power consumption per month 8305 degrees, according to the measuring cylinder, the length of the die, the result of the circumference, families and good technical personnel of electromagnetic heating retrofit scheme is: 340 m high temperature line, 25 mm thick insulation cotton, four 32 a leakage protection switch, two 8 kw of electromagnetic heating control cabinet, 2 sets of 15 kw of electromagnetic heating control cabinet.

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