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The quality and technology of plastic film blowing machine determine the quality of film forming

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The quality and technology of plastic film blowing machine determine the quality of film forming

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Plastic flexible packaging has become the main way of food packaging, when soft packaging has gradually become the leading role of food packaging materials, film blowing machine is one of the important mechanical equipment in the industry. Due to the development of new material industry supported by the state, the implementation of sustainable development encouragement policies and strict environmental protection policies. Plastic flexible packaging is not only a favorable trend in the food industry, it has almost popularized all aspects of people's life, but also brings a lot of development space for film blowing machine.

At present, the film blowing machine development of high-end technology, film blowing can also be used as food preservation and many other applications of technology, the new film blowing machinery manufacturing road. The quality and technology of plastic film blowing machine determine the quality of film forming, so a well-performing film blowing machine shows good market adaptability in the process of film production, improves production efficiency, provides convenience for people and promotes social harmonious development.

During the installation of dalian plastic film blowing machine, attention should be paid to adjust the center line of the head of the extruder and the center of the traction roller to keep horizontal and vertical, and not deviate from the tilt. Please pay attention to the coordination between the pulling speed and the winding speed as the outer diameter of the winding increases. Please adjust it in time. After the host is turned on, pay close attention to the running status of the host, adjust, correct, electrical instrument and controller in time to ensure its normal operation.

Main engine gear box and traction reducer box should be refueled frequently and gear oil should be replaced. New gear oil should be replaced about 10 days after the new machine is used to ensure the normal operation of all rotating parts. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept appropriate, because the compressed air leakage will be taken out during the traction process, please replenish in time.

In the abnormal environment, such as high altitude, high ambient temperature (for example, more than 50 degrees or less than 60 degrees), and side by side installation mode (some frequency converters shall be installed side by side without lowering capacity, and some shall reduce capacity, which shall be determined according to the design of frequency converter), etc., the falling capacity of frequency converters shall be considered. This information can be provided by the converter manufacturer.


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