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Plastic film blowing machine can be used as food preservation and other applications

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Plastic film blowing machine can be used as food preservation and other applications

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Three - layer co-extrusion blowing machine in the plastic industry occupies an important industry status. At present, most of the existing domestic film blowing machine manufacturers are not adapted to the market demand and need to improve the technology to produce the market. Flat and conical die stacking shall be diffused and applied. The screw is improved to adapt to the performance of a new plastic material, improve plasticizing capacity, increase production, reduce energy consumption and save energy. 5 or more production of more than 5 layers of multi-layer co-extrusion blowing machines. Heavy - packed film blow - plastic multi - layer co - extruder production.

Popular packaging on the market at present mainly plastic, paper, plastic blow molding machine to blow suye larger proportion in the market, but as more and more strict to the requirement of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new index raised the threshold of the paper industry, the costs of paper market, higher prices. As a result, the market share of plastic packaging increased correspondingly, stimulating the development of film blowing machinery industry.

Plastic film blowing machine develops high - end technology, plastic film blowing can also be used as food preservation and other application technologies, taking the road of new film blowing machinery manufacturing. A special plastic film blown by a film blowing machine, which USES advanced technology to make fruits and vegetables durable. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, the plastic film blowing machine will continuously introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial model, and promote the high-end development of the plastic industry.

Airframe configuration of automatic temperature control system to control the heater and cooling machine, constant temperature throughout the plasticizing process, accurate and meet the technological requirements of film production, to ensure that the heat charge film to achieve excellent quality;

As a result of the plastic processing industry production scale and improvement of production technology, increasingly, the original plastics processing machinery has been unable to meet customer demand, so have I company a plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises and domestic cooperation, for their original plastic blown film machine, improve the technology content of the mechanical and the competitiveness of the products, in order to meet the requirements of customers is increasing day by day.

Plastic film blowing machine

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