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The three-layer co-extrusion film has stronger tensile strength and elasticity.

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The three-layer co-extrusion film has stronger tensile strength and elasticity.

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Use of ABA three-tier co-extrusion blow bag machine to make the vest bags and garbage bags has become the market mainstream development trend, and gradually replace single blow bag machine, besides can effectively reduce raw material costs, three-tier co-extrusion film have the strong body strength and elasticity.

In addition, in addition to the three layers co-extrusion blow bag machine, film producer, customer also adopted the latest generation of POLYSTAR Repro - Flex plastic recycling machine, the recycling machine integrates cutting compact system, efficient exhaust and filtering technology, intelligent dicing technology at an organic whole, the main appeal to customers use more simple and convenient installation, production with high efficiency and high energy saving more, used to recycle their film produced by the waste.

The three - layer co-extruding film machine occupies an important industry status in the plastic industry. At present, most of the domestic film blowing machine manufacturers are not adapt to the market demand and the need to improve the technology to produce the market film blowing machine. Diffusion and application of flat and cone-shaped modules should be applied. Improve the screw to meet the performance of a new plastic material, improve the plasticizing ability, increase production, reduce energy consumption, and save energy.

Five or more layers of multi-layer co-extrusion film machine with more than 5 layers. Heavy packing film blow molding multilayer coextruder production. Production of environmental protection film blowing machine (such as water soluble film, starch film, photodegradation film, biodegradable film, etc.). High performance film blowing machine. (such as high performance barrier film, high-performance nylon film, high performance medical film and high performance composite film, etc.).

Formal maintenance. If there is a failure in the process of use, it is better to be able to find a legitimate repair shop to deal with the maintenance problems. Plastic film blowing machine maintenance is more complex, and just from the surface fault it is difficult to determine the problem, so still need to have professional after-sales service personnel to help deal with, so can also ensure that a short period of time can complete all the repair work.

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