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The three - layer coextruded film blowing machine occupies an important position in the plastic industry.

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The three - layer coextruded film blowing machine occupies an important position in the plastic industry.

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The three - layer co-extruding film machine occupies an important industry status in the plastic industry. At present, most of the domestic film blowing machine manufacturers are not adapt to the market demand and the need to improve the technology to produce the market film blowing machine. Diffusion and application of flat and cone-shaped modules should be applied. Improve the screw to meet the performance of a new plastic material, improve the plasticizing ability, increase production, reduce energy consumption, and save energy.

Five or more layers of multi-layer co-extrusion film machine with more than 5 layers. Heavy packing film blow molding multilayer coextruder production. Production of environmental protection film blowing machine (such as water soluble film, starch film, photodegradation film, biodegradable film, etc.). High performance film blowing machine. (such as high performance barrier film, high-performance nylon film, high performance medical film and high performance composite film, etc.).

Thus to improve the product quality, enhances the technical transformation of film blowing machine, improve the performance of the equipment, is a pressing task, is also a blow molding machine manufacturers in China, also is our survival and the development path.

Observe whether vesicular deformation rapidly, after the completion of such as have deformation should be timely adjusted, first check whether the die clearance is adjustable, whether frame by live membrane dip, if there is no problem to check whether there is open the doors and Windows, found after timely treatment. Observe whether the blister is tilting, if inclined, use the baffle immediately.

Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine, compared with similar equipment has a higher yield, plasticizing good products, low energy consumption, the advantages of simple operation, completely solve the film falbala and winding size top problem, make the product quality on a new step. The films produced are of high transparency, puncture resistance, high toughness, low temperature, good combination fastness and crimp resistance. Because of its good barrier properties, the membrane is kept fresh, moisture resistant, frost resistant, oxygen resistant, oil resistant, and can be widely used in heavy and heavy packaging. If all kinds of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies, etc. Now, we will briefly introduce the operating procedures of the film blowing film in the next three layers. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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