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The blow molding unit in dalian has a very stable working effect in life

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The blow molding unit in dalian has a very stable working effect in life

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At the time of processing and production of plastic bottles, you use a professional film blowing machine, it can put the plastic particles heating film formation, and produce all kinds of different shape of the bottle, in the life has played a very stable working effect, and also much more special types of blown film machine, different kinds of machines in the work when they reach the effect of different, USES the high quality of the particles to blow out of the product will be more good, but also the special clean, have a certain effect of stretching.

In order to satisfy the function of film packaging material itself, must want to know about the actual usage, and the total agent of blown film machine performance, it can put together a variety of properties of materials to the blown film, to form the effect of total agent, through such methods for processing after processing, can form more plastic film, when making use of will have very stable working effect, through total agent of blown film machine, after a lot of working characteristics also play it out, most of them are blown film machine shows advantages at work.

Dalian blown film production process of the unit was that the drying of polyethylene particles in the hopper, and then the weight of the particles on its own from the hopper into the screw, when the screw and thread oblique edge contact, rotating XieLeng face plastic produce and XieLeng face vertical thrust, the particle goes forward. The process of pushing is caused by the friction between the plastic and the screw and the plastic and the cylinder, and the collision between the particles, while the plastic melts because of the external heating of the cylinder. The molten plastic is filtered by the nose to remove the impurities from the mold, which is cooled and blown to expand the finished film into a cylinder.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, blown film machine is widely used in all kinds of packaging industry, such as food, clothing, blown film machine in process of reform and innovation will promote the safe and fast development of plastic industry, for a long time, plastic production equipment technology in China since the introduction of development to a certain extent, has always been dependent on foreign advanced machinery and equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, will improve the plastic industry and machinery for the cost of production.

If you want to save costs must be independent research and development and innovation, intelligent development of plastic machinery, automation model not only improves the performance of blown film machine, can reduce cost, reduced working hours, make the operation more simple and quick, will significantly improve the state of plastic industry.

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