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What are the obstacles to the development of plastic blown film mechanism

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What are the obstacles to the development of plastic blown film mechanism

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Popular packaging on the market at present mainly plastic, paper, plastic blow molding machine to blow suye larger proportion in the market, but as more and more strict to the requirement of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new index raised the threshold of the paper industry, the costs of paper market, higher prices. This makes the plastic packaging in the market share increase, stimulated the development of the blown film machine manufacturing machinery industry, at the same time, environmental protection and energy saving technology in the machinery industry pay more attention to blown film machine, blown film machine to high-end level.

In the future, with the continuous development of technology, plastic blowing machine will play a more important role, pushing the plastic and packaging industry to the high end. China is a big producer of manufacturing, which has the advantage in scale, but in the development and production of high-end equipment, the domestic model has not yet reached the international level. The domestic film blowing machine depends on the large consumption group, the market prospect is promising, but to the high-end development is the development trend that the blowing film machine must face.

According to the market research report of the blown film machine, the packaging of the current market is mainly plastic and paper, and the plastic blowing machine is mainly in the market. However, as the demand for the paper industry has become more and more stringent, the new target of environmental protection energy has raised the threshold of paper industry, which has caused the cost of the paper packaging market to expand and the price increases. This has resulted in a corresponding increase in the market share of plastic packaging, which has stimulated the development of the machine industry. At the same time, environmental energy saving technology is attached importance to the industry of film blowing machine.

But in plastic machinery development, domestic plastic industry growth cycle is short, imperfect production line, equipment is relatively backward, and lead to product quality is low, people can not adapt to the requirement of high-grade plastic packaging. And plastic industry demand is not high, has blown film machinery production enterprise technology innovation is difficult to obtain the market response, innovation ability of the development of advanced technology can not be put to good use, become the hinder the development of blown film machine manufacturing industry.

Dominated by dalian plastics blown film machine, blown film technology did not improve, not the market recognition, and makes the market demand for the precision of blown film machinery mainly imports, cause plastic industry and machinery for the derailment, production costs rise, and is not conducive to the benign development of the economy.

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