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How to meet some special functions

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How to meet some special functions

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The film - blowing machine produces the membrane for all kinds of high-grade film packaging. This membrane is good for its obstructing, preservation, moisture-proof, anti-frost, oxygen and oil, and can be widely used in weight packing. Packaging of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies, etc.

Dalian blown film line in order to satisfy the customers during the production of plastic film packaging materials need some special function, will be a variety of characteristics of materials (e.g., breathe freely, waterproof, thermal insulation, toughness, etc.) and co-extrusion blown film together, form a multi-functional plastic film, our company after many years of research and practice development. A multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine was developed. Its purpose is to play to the advantages of a variety of materials, to avoid a single material or single some disadvantages of blown film machine, to provide customers with market competitiveness of blown film machine is our permanent tenet. Mr Cheung man

In the multi-layer, such as PP and PE co-extruder, it is the combination of the characteristics of PP material hardness and the high brightness of PE materials to produce two films with combined properties. The multi-layer co-extruder film machine is divided into several kinds, such as the two-story coextruder, the three-layer co-extrusion blower, the five-layer coextruder and the seven layers of the film machine, etc.

Blown film machine is a kind of plastic machinery, the main works: add dry polyethylene particles to the hopper, depend on the weight of the particles themselves from the hopper into the screw, when the aggregate after contact with thread oblique edge rotating slant edge face plastic produce and inclined faces the vertical edges of thrust, plastic particles move goes on, goes on in the process,

Due to friction between the plastic and screw, the friction between the plastic and the cylinder, and the collision friction between the particles, it is also gradually dissolved due to the external heating of the cylinder. The molten plastic is filtered through the head of the machine to remove the impurities from the die, through the wind ring cooling, blowing through the human word board, traction roll, and winding the finished film into a cylinder.

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