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The application range of film blowing unit is mainly based on the different materials

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The application range of film blowing unit is mainly based on the different materials

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In the installation of the film blowing machine, the center line of the extruder and the center of the traction roller should be adjusted to keep the horizontal vertical and not deviate from the skew. Please pay attention to the speed of traction and the speed of the winding speed. Please adjust the volume. After the main engine is opened, pay close attention to the operation of the main engine, adjust, modify, electrical instrument and controller in time to ensure its normal operation. Host gear box, traction reducer should often come on, change gear oil, new in the use of 10 days or so, please change new gear oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to refuel, prevent damage of stuck and overheating, but should also check the connection parts of tight situation, prevent Luo Shuan is loose. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in a proper amount due to the leakage of compressed air in the traction process. Please timely supplement it.

On feed system of the main equipment to realize the specialist is responsible, in succession of observation, record the running situation, completes the registration and transfer, such as the central console parameter Settings, the operation of the vacuum station voice the dust and dust removal device processing, raw material conveying state whether smooth, compressed air is in the normal range, such as shape material phenomena.

Dalian blow mold units per month regularly check the concentrated feeder system equipment, such as pipe connector seal check, filter cleaning dust removal device, seal check, air valve and sectional material valve inspection, electrical parts inspection, etc.

Blown film crew is mainly based on the application scope of the different materials, such as PP film blowing machine output film are suitable for all kinds of supermarket shopping bags, such as fungus bag hardness is larger for tensile strength and brightness demand is not high, such as bags, and high pressure PE blown out of the film is suitable for all kinds of bags, back to the material of film suitable for all kinds of garbage bags, etc., blown film machine is widely used in various industries.

Plastic food packaging plays a more and more important role in ensuring food safety, and people are asking for more packaging products. In addition to the widely used in food packaging, plastic packaging has further to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials, packaging, cosmetics packaging in the areas of development, its use is more and more broad scope and outlook. As the soft packing gradually becomes the leading role in food packaging materials, the film blowing machine is one of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry. The quality of the film and the film technology determines the quality of the film forming.

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