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Do you really know how to process the film blowing machine

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Do you really know how to process the film blowing machine

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Do you really know how to process the film blowing machine

The energy saving of the film blowing machine can be divided into two parts: the power part and the heating part. Energy-saving power parts: mostly adopts frequency converter, motor energy saving way is by saving more energy, the real power of the motor is 50 hz, for example, and in production, in fact, you only need 30 hz enough production, that extra energy is wasted, the inverter is to change the motor power output to achieve the effect of energy saving. Heating part energy saving: most of the energy saving is energy saving with electromagnetic heater, the energy saving rate is about 30% to 70% of the old resistance circle.

Dalian plastics blown film machine to dry polyethylene particles in the hopper, depend on the weight of the particles themselves from the hopper into the screw, when the aggregate after contact with thread oblique edge rotating slant edge face plastic produce and inclined faces the vertical edges of thrust, plastic particles move, goes on in the process, because the plastic and screw, plastic and the friction between machine barrel and particle collisions between friction, also gradually melt due to external heating cylinder. The molten plastic is filtered through the head of the machine to remove the impurities from the die, through the wind ring cooling, blowing through the human word board, traction roll, and winding the finished film into a cylinder.

General units are fitted with units operation counters, by the button according to the total power supply, open the main switch, motor, respectively through the toggle switch and control the fuselage and tee, mouth mold each knob electric heating, a key part of two sets of coil adopted thermocouple temperature measurement and automatic temperature control automatically, the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled, to ensure stable and reliable production process. There are many kinds of blowing machines, PE, POF, etc.

New particles are used to blow out new material, and the color is known as clean and the bag is stretched. Also somebody made from recycled plastic bags to the particle, the particle generally called the old material, made of particles is usually gray, usually to add pigment, when it made the bag made from bags to uneven color, brittle and break easily, the price is low.

Although it is recycled plastic bags, it is generally the waste bag in the process of making bags and there is a big difference in the usual waste plastic. The film - blowing machine produces the membrane for all kinds of high-grade film packaging. This membrane is good for its obstructing, preservation, moisture-proof, anti-frost, oxygen and oil, and can be widely used in weight packing. If all kinds of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies, etc.

Plastic film blowing machine

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