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Do you know the main parts of the film blowing machine

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Do you know the main parts of the film blowing machine

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Do you know the main parts of the film blowing machine

Dalian blown film crew will dry polyethylene particles added to the hopper, depend on the weight of the particles themselves from the hopper into the screw, when the aggregate after contact with thread oblique edge rotating slant edge face plastic produce and inclined faces the vertical edges of thrust, plastic particles move goes on, goes on in the process, because the plastic and screw, plastic and barrel friction between the friction and collision between particles, but also gradually melt due to external heating cylinder. The molten plastic is filtered out by the head of the machine, and then it is cooled by the wind ring, it is blown up through the person's board, the traction roll, and the finished film is rolled into a cylinder.

Is mainly composed of extruder, head, head, cooling device, stable foam frame, herringbone board, traction roller, winding device, etc. Extruder, the extruding machine is mainly composed of screw, barrel feed hopper, slow down and drive motor, drive motor with electromagnetic speed regulating motor (also available frequency conversion motor), through the belt drive drive reducer made in machine barrel screw rotation movement; In the case of external heating of the plastic pellets, the molten plastic is squeezed from the die cavity through the three-way filter, which consists of the filter screen, the filter board and the three-way gland.

Device cooling by cooling air, air ducts, air blower, etc, traction, the traction frame, herringbone board, traction roller, mechanism and main parts such as electric traction motor control part, general units are fitted with units operation counters, by the button according to the total power supply, open the main switch, motor, respectively through the toggle switch and control the fuselage and tee, mouth mold each knob electric heating, a key part of two sets of coil adopted thermocouple temperature measurement and automatic temperature control automatically, the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled, to ensure stable and reliable production process.

Most thermoplastics can be blown film production with blow molding, blow molding plastic film is to squeeze into a thin tube, then strike with compressed air to blow plastic bulge, after cooling to finalize the design of tubular membrane products, this kind of film performance between oriented film and stretch film: strength is better than stretch film, heat sealing worse than stretch film. There are many kinds of thin films produced by blow molding, such as low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE), nylon (PA), vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), etc

Resin particles melt index (MI) cannot too big, melt index (MI) is too large, the molten resin viscosity is too small, the processing scope narrow, processing conditions are difficult to control, poor film-forming resin, it is not easy to processing film; In addition, the melt index (MI) is too large, the relative molecular weight distribution of the polymer is too narrow, and the film's strength is poor. Therefore, the melting index (MI) should be selected and the resin raw material with a wide distribution of relative molecular weight can be used to meet the performance requirements of the film and the processing characteristics of the resin. The polyethylene film is used to select the polyethylene material between 2 ~ 6g / 10min range.

Plastic film blowing machine

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