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The plastic blowing machine market is going upscale

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The plastic blowing machine market is going upscale

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The plastic blowing machine market is going upscale

With the development of environmental protection in the world in recent years, the production and manufacturing industry must be optimized to meet the increasing environmental requirements of consumers. There is also a trend towards the development of high-end equipment. China is a big producer of manufacturing, which has the advantage in scale, but in the development and production of high-end equipment, the domestic model has not yet reached the international level.

The domestic film blowing machine depends on the large consumption group, the market prospect is promising, but to the high-end development is the development trend that the blowing film machine must face. Domestic film blowing machine production growth is obvious, must improve the research and development mechanism of blown film machine, namely the innovation of the previously mentioned, domestic film blowing machine can resist impact and independent strength of high-end machines in road.

Plastic blow molding machine is the main technical points of dalian will be the device installed on the platform mouth blown film machine mould, blown film when cylindrical membrane bubble up do uniform motion in a straight line at the same time, by adjusting the installed on the arm of the nozzle and the distance and spraying of liquid membrane bubble caused by pressure, spray painting, flow rate and rotating speed. The implementation will coat the inner surface of the film evenly. The device can be installed in a flat extrusion blown film machine with a diameter of more than 1400mm. If there is an internal cooling device, it can be used to dry the coating. Small capital investment; It is especially suitable for the technological transformation of our existing agricultural film production equipment.

In blown film machine, PE film production workshop placed several static eliminator, the electrostatic eliminator by ac electrostatic eliminator and static electricity discharge type of detector, when electrostatic induction detector to detect more than predefined static values will automatically start when ac electrostatic eliminator discharge type, formed by the electrostatic capacitance coupling body, periodic and attract produce ions to eliminate static electricity, static eliminator has simple structure, easy operation, stable performance, good appearance, easy maintenance, and improve the production efficiency of blown film machine, can work continuously for a long time to use, also decreased because of electrostatic and cause accidents, such as the wounded operators and make productivity improved over 25%.

Blown film machine winding shaft friction device including winding shaft and friction wheel, springs, hand wheel, friction wheel to include active friction wheel and from the friction wheel, close to the active friction wheel on the side of the winding shaft set active in the winding shaft, and a winding shaft as a relative rotation socket, blown film machine spring between the socket and active friction wheel, wheel located at the other end of the bolt sets, socket with a fixed nut screw thread connection and turns when the hand wheel rotation spring with bolt set of compression or stretching, the handwheel is not followed the winding shaft rotate at work, when using the handwheel adjustment of friction when the operation is simple, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Plastic film blowing machine

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