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How to solve the product quality problem in technology

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How to solve the product quality problem in technology

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How to solve the product quality problem in technology

Three-tier co-extrusion blow thin line adopts the new type of high efficiency low energy consumption extrusion unit, the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 ° for traction on the horizontal rotating system, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system. Compared with the similar equipment, has a higher yield, good product plasticizing and the advantages of low energy consumption, easy operation, completely solve the film falbala and winding size top problem, make the product quality on a new step.

The produced films have high transparency, puncture, high toughness, low temperature enthusiasm, good compound fastness, and anti-crimp. This membrane is widely used for weight packaging because of its barrier properties, freshness, moisture, frost, oxygen and oil. Such as fresh fruits, meat, pickled vegetables, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies, etc.

In order to meet the production process of plastic film packaging materials need some special function, will be a variety of characteristics of materials (e.g., breathe freely, waterproof, thermal insulation, toughness, etc.) and co-extrusion blown film together, form a multi-functional plastic membrane, developed multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine. The purpose of multi-layer blowing film machine is to use the advantages of various materials, to avoid the disadvantages of single or single layer blowing machine.

Multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine is divided into several, such as layer co-extrusion blown film machine, three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine, five layers co-extrusion blown film machine seven layers co-extrusion blown film machine is belong to this kind of products such as: five layers co-extrusion blown film line, mainly is suitable for the HDPE, MHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, PA, EVOH has gas barrier properties of resin, such as the production of thin film is mainly used for packaging, high-grade food bag, vacuum bag, liquid packaging bags and other packaging materials, incense, fresh, anti-corrosion, airtight, extend the shelf life of the packing.

The rotation of the upper part refers to the rotation of a traction roller and a person's splint, and the film is a radius which removes the "hamstring" phenomenon caused by the thickness of the membrane. The blowing head is still at rest. The bottom rotation means that the blowing film is rotated in 360 degrees while blowing the film. The film is a 360-degree cycle to eliminate the "hamstring" phenomenon caused by the thickness of the membrane. A pull and a splint are always at rest. Both methods are designed to resolve the adjustment of the thin film "steel reinforcement" due to the thin film thickness.

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