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Home reveals the inner composition of the dalian blower

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Home reveals the inner composition of the dalian blower

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Home reveals the inner composition of the dalian blower

The machine is suitable for the PVC resin tube membrane technology blown film forming product all kinds of hot shrink film, film has good transparency, good gloss, the characteristic of high shrinkage rate, is today's popular new packaging material, widely used in food, beverages, tea, glass products, handicrafts, sanitary ware, cosmetics, electronic products, such as dressing. Features: 1, the unit is mainly composed of plastic extruder, the wind ring, head device, traction device, cooling device, heat expansion device, winding device, heating system and electric control device, etc. The key parts screw and cylinder are made of 38GrMoAIA alloy steel, which is treated with high hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Adopt the new type of screw, with a length of 1:26, suitable for the mixing and plasticization and plasticization of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics, which are of high viscosity and poor thermal stability, and the degree of plasticization is superior; 4, configuration, automatic temperature control system to control the heater and the fuselage cooling machine, constant temperature throughout the plasticizing process, accurate and meet the technological requirements of film production, ensure the hot charge film to achieve excellent quality; The mould head and wind ring adopt special structure, which is favorable for the molding and cooling requirements. Convenient operation, compact structure, centralized control and high automation.

Blown film bag, blowing the finished film is only the first step, the subsequent siren made into film bag as end products, this is to choose the machine should be selected according to terminal of the specifications of the film bag machine. Simply blown film, only to sell film as end products, then select equipment adaptability are more wide range, from the most narrow width to the widest width to meet the need as much as possible. Also, we should be able to produce the products of the finished product (e.g. high pressure polyethylene film, low-pressure polyethylene film etc.). The development of science and technology has transformed industrial production from human production to mechanized production, and it is inevitable that there will be safety accidents when operating machines.

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