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Simply blown film crew is how to meet the production requirements

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Simply blown film crew is how to meet the production requirements

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Simply blown film crew is how to meet the production requirements

Dalian blown film crew requirements polyethylene film good plasticizing and no obvious fisheye, thin film surface level off is smooth, no bubbles, no fold, rupture phenomenon, no obvious black dot, impurities, hanging slash and silking are not allowed to exist. Physical and mechanical properties due to the blown film machine after the blow molding of polyethylene film for printing or composite processing technology, subject to the effect of mechanical force, therefore, requires physical and mechanical properties of polyethylene film should be fine, including tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength several indexes such as standard. Specifications and deviation, the width of the polyethylene film, thickness shall conform to the requirements, the thickness of the thin film thickness, longitudinal and transverse deviation is small, and deviation distribution more uniform.

Do plastic equipment generally have blown film machine, bag making machine and printing machine, blown film machine, 30000 or so, the grade of the bag making machine and printing machine points are different, the price gap is too big, bad to say, look at your specific requirements. In addition you want to buy plastic particles, is the raw material, it will take up a lot of money, said normal plastics factory, money is not less than 100000. As for the procedure is for industry and commerce, tax, health and other general procedures. Production process there is no serious pollution, there will be a plastic blown film process, but is not outside your factory. Only do the general daily bag, shoe covers, garbage bags need to be blown film machine, printing machine, bag making machine. If want to production convenience bag also need to punch! Blown film machine price 80000 yuan or so commonly (size different prices different, other second-hand blown film machine is also a good choice), press the price around 100000. Bag making machine around 30000. The above price is to give you a reference, the machine different prices is different also, millions of printing machine also have, hundreds of thousands of blown film machine, too.

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