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Five layer blown film machine realizes the film thinning, reduce the cost

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Five layer blown film machine realizes the film thinning, reduce the cost

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Five layer blown film machine realizes the film thinning, reduce the cost

Five layers of self-supporting bag special units compared three layer units, dalian blown film machine can achieve film thickness decrease about 30%, and can ensure better physical properties. For customers to reduce costs, improve profitability have better choice. Better film heat sealing performance, and achieve the goal of pollution resistance, in liquid aseptic packaging, the key purpose is to protect the liquid is not affected by the environment, and maintain its expected all over the whole product life period. Packing integrity in the initial stage depends on the multilayer composite can be obtained between each layer adhesion and seal, the warranty period depends on the adhesion of the change. Can help businesses for application in hot filling and distillation and other need initial pasteurized etc. Out of the packaging and packing seal. Relative curing three layer structure because of its structure, the customer is difficult to improve its performance, and named "5 film blowing unit in different characteristics of the structural formula of raw material in the perfect implementation of membrane structure, compared with three thin film devices, 5 film can achieve better film heat sealing.

Nowadays, plastic tray develop high-end technology blown film machine, blown film can also be used for many applications such as food preservation technology, take a new road of the blown film machinery manufacturing. Blown film machine blown out of a special plastic wrap, using advanced technology, the resistance to put fruits and vegetables over a long period of time. In order to meet the need of social needs and environmental protection products, plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industry pattern, promote the industry to high-end plastic tray.

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