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Do you know the three layer co extrusion film blowing machine this is it

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Do you know the three layer co extrusion film blowing machine this is it

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Do you know the three layer co extrusion film blowing machine this is it

  Three layer coextrusion film blowing machine in the domestic market, the 2010 plastic machinery output value reached 188.73 billion yuan, a growth rate of 18%, extrusion machine products reached 18 254 units (sets). The total output value of the extruder is up to rmb. The high-grade, high performance film blowing machine (the price of 1 million yuan, accounted for only about 100 units) accounted for only about 1% share of the total. The Middle East, South America, the CIS and countries in Southeast Asia plastic machinery market, in recent years also gradually open, due to institutional reasons, situation of each country's economic development is different, need plastic machinery are not the same, on the top of the high-grade plastic can say is a piece of virgin land has yet to be people to develop, want domestic plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises, seize the opportunity, enterprising, to develop the enormous potential of the domestic and foreign plastic machinery market, make their own businesses have greater development. Three layer coextrusion blown thin production line using a new type of high efficiency and low energy consumption extrusion unit, IBC film bubble cooling system, + 360 degree horizontal traction rotation system, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic collection film roll and tension control, computer screen automatic control systems and other advanced technologies. Such as a variety of fresh fruits, meat dish, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, pharmaceutical products etc.. The film produced with high transparency, resistance to puncture, high toughness, low temperature and high temperature, good composite fastness, anti curl.

  Five layer co extrusion film blowing machine, mainly used in HDPE, MHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and mLLDPE, PA and EVOH, with gas barrier properties of the resin, production of the film is mainly used for packaging, high-grade food bag, vacuum bag, liquid packaging bags and other packaging materials, to flavor preservation, preservation, anti-corrosion, airtight, extend the shelf life of the package to.

  Electrical maintenance

  Ensure the proper temperature and humidity, keep good grounding, and pay attention to eliminate the danger of static electricity.

  Prohibit the maintenance of core components with a point.

  The stability and reliability of the power supply, and the performance parameters of the requirements,

  The regular removal of radiator dust.

  Wind ring part

  Wind ring: double outlet cooling wind ring. Wind ring power: 7.5kw

  3, mold,

  Die diameter: 450mm

  4, traction, automatic coiling

  Traction speed: 0-65m/min

  Traction height: 11m

  Traction motor power: 2.2kw

  Cutting: cutting knife

  Rectifying system: EPS

  Outline dimensions: (length width height) 10.5mX7.25mX11m

  Blown film process: hopper feed material extrusion, blown traction, the wind ring cooling, spica splint, traction and traction, cutting edge, film rewinding. In order to meet the production process of plastic film packaging material some special functional needs, a variety of material properties (such as breathable, waterproof, thermal insulation and toughness) blown and coextrusion together to form multifunctional plastic film, multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine is developed. The purpose of multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine is to play the advantages of a variety of materials, to avoid some of the shortcomings of a single material or monolayer film blowing machine.

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