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You know some more film blowing machine!

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You know some more film blowing machine!

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You know some more film blowing machine!

  It can be said that the film blowing machine equipment products, covering almost all the fields of plastic film production. But also because of its technological innovations and breakthroughs, raw materials for blowing the various specifications of novel, cheap and durable, non-toxic plastic film using plastic particles and various renewable particles. The first appeared in plastic film China greatly promoted the agricultural production of our country, can be said to be an innovation has milepost sense. Then derived from the plastic film industry, agricultural film, greenhouse film, garbage bags, food bags, clothing bags and all kinds of packing bags, plastic film production entered the era of industrialization.

  The hopper in driven mainly by the unit selected advanced spiral mould head structure, according to the high pressure, low pressure, mixture and recycled polyethylene material special, comprehensive consideration, design the spiral angle and backslide angle, setting angle length, die opening, etc. the main technical parameters, the multiple comparison tests were performed to select the best shape, extruder screw, barrel and hopper, slow down and drive motor, the drive motor with electromagnetic adjustable speed motor (also available to ordinary inverter motor through the belt drive reducer to make the screw barrel rotary motion; the plastic particles in the external heating molten plastic three-way filter from die die to squeeze. Dalian film blowing unit general unit is equipped with a crew operating cabinet, by the general button to switch on the power, open the total motor switch, respectively the switch knob control body and a three-way, die each button electric heating, which key part of two groups of coils using thermocouple automatic measurement and automatic temperature control, in the normal production process, temperature can be automatic control, to ensure that the production process is stable and reliable. There are a variety of film blowing machine, PE, POF and so on.

  PP is not as high as PE at high temperatures still have antioxidant properties. General industrial glass fiber reinforced polypropylene containing 10 to 30% of the fiber. Because of containing glass fiber, it has good heat resistance and dimensional stability. Reinforced polypropylene is mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of machinery parts, including automobile fan, air conditioning fan, water purification filter bottle, in the electrical industry can pieces instead of ABS, hips, and is widely used in refrigerator top cover and base plate of air conditioner, foot bath device, such as for the appearance of various types of household electrical appliances. Non toxic, tasteless, small density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100 degrees. Has good dielectric properties and high frequency insulation and is not affected by humidity, but it becomes brittle at low temperature, which is not easy to wear and aging. Suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, corrosion resistant parts and insulation parts. Common acid and alkali and other organic solvents, it almost does not work, can be used for utensils.

Plastic film blowing machine

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