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Dalian blown film introduction to physical and chemical properties of high density polyethylene unit manufacturer!

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Dalian blown film introduction to physical and chemical properties of high density polyethylene unit manufacturer!

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Dalian blown film introduction to physical and chemical properties of high density polyethylene unit manufacturer!

High density polyethylene (HDPE) look similar medium pressure polyethylene, white translucent, is harder than medium pressure polyethylene, low surface gloss, and low pressure polyethylene.Blown film machineUse the blow molding and T die extrusion process.With blow molding mechanism becomes overwhelming majority of the film, the film more used to make food packaging, and in the use of packaging material supply department stores and grocery stores, can also be packing frozen dim sum, natural aquatic processed foods.This film make full use of its heat resistance long ago to packing tofu, noodles, office and sports equipment, medicine, yan boiled hot towels, etc.The machine it should not be stored for a long time.

HDPE is a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin.High density polyethylene for white particles, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, melting point is 130 ℃, the relative density is 0.941 ~ 0.960.It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, also has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength.Dielectric properties, environmental stress cracking resistance is also good.The melting temperature of 120 ~ 160 ℃.For larger molecular materials, it is recommended that the melting temperature range between 200 ~ 250 ℃.High density polyethylene is a kind of white powder granular products, non-toxic, tasteless, within the range of 0.940 ~ 0.976 g/cm3 density;Crystallinity is 80% ~ 80%, softening point is 125 ~ 135 ℃, using temperature is 100 ℃;Hardness, tensile strength and creep is better than that of low density polyethylene;Wear resistance, electrical insulation, good toughness and cold tolerance but compared with low density dielectric slightly worse;Good chemical stability, at room temperature, does not dissolve in any organic solvent, acid, alkali and corrosion of various salts;Small thin film on the permeability of water vapor and air, water imbibition low;Aging resistance is poor, environmental cracking resistance than low density polyethylene, especially hot oxidation will make its performance, so the resin need to add the antioxidant and uv absorber, etc to improve improve the deficiency of.High density polyethylene film under the force of the thermal deformation temperature is low, should pay attention to this application.

Odor characteristics: (1) the isolation of high density polyethylene sex is poorer, prevent ultraviolet ray through sex as medium.(2) the similar air tightness and medium pressure polyethylene, good moisture resistance, prevent oxygen permeability is moderate.(3) good heat resistance, cold resistance,Cooking, frozen.

High density polyethylene the polymer is not hygroscopic and has a good waterproof steam, can be used for packaging purposes.HDPE has the very good performance, especially high insulation dielectric strength, make it very suitable for wire and cable.A variety of unique characteristics of grade HDPE is the appropriate combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and additive.Different catalyst is used in the production of customized special performance polymers.These variables combine to produce different USES of the HDPE grade;In performance to achieve the best balance.

Dalian blown film machineSet of factory production of high and low density polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), polypropylene (PP) film line, farming, film, greenhouse film units, multi-layer co-extrusion compound film machine, waste film recycling and granulating machine group, double color film machine.

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