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Plastic blown film vendors would prompt the use of plastic bag making machine operation procedures you need to know!

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Plastic blown film vendors would prompt the use of plastic bag making machine operation procedures you need to know!

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Plastic blown film vendors would prompt the use of plastic bag making machine operation procedures you need to know!

The plasticBlown film machineMarket popular mainly plastic, paper packaging, plastic blow molding machine to blow suye larger proportion in the market, but as more and more strict to the requirement of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new index raised the threshold of the paper industry, the costs of paper market, higher prices.This makes the plastic packaging in the market share increase, stimulated the development of the blown film machine manufacturing machinery industry, at the same time, environmental protection and energy saving technology in the machinery industry pay more attention to blown film machine, blown film machine to high-end level.

All kinds of plastic composite film, have different performance.This is by some kind of plastic composite film is determined by the quantity and characteristics of single layer film.In general, plastic composite film than plastic monolayer film has better transparency, mechanical strength, and processing adaptability, air tightness and heat resistance, cold resistance and waterproof performance, from within and bears better save enough items such as food, medicine and senior consumer goods, make its deterioration, corrosion, keeping the original quality and various forms.

Plastic composite film originally is given priority to with cellophane and polyethylene composite, then have sprung up in large quantities of various kinds of different characteristics of composite film blown film machine.Not only can they packaging dry food, some still can packaging need to long-term preservation of wet sex food, and other precision instruments and pharmaceuticals.

The use of plastic bag making machine operation procedures:

1) check around equipment for dust and debris, and remove it.

2) according to the requirements of the production order for plastic film roll.

3) according to the production order and adjust the size of the plastic process document, install a good heat sealing knife, and adjusted the cutting knife and heat sealing knife position.

4) open the power supply, set heat sealing knife temperature according to the requirements of process files.

5) enter bag related data as well as by the required number of each.

6) choose bigger color difference pattern around the edge of regulating light eye sensitivity, make it meet the requirements.

Plastics blown film lineManufacturer from the introduction of advanced technology, specializing in the production of single monolayer film blowing machine,Double blow film machine,Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machineSuch as blowing film machine.Guarantees products, is responsible for the safe commissioning, training operators, welcome customers to negotiate, the choose and 

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