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Blown film machine, film folding problem of dalian blown film machine company to solve for you!

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Blown film machine, film folding problem of dalian blown film machine company to solve for you!

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Blown film machine, film folding problem of dalian blown film machine company to solve for you!

As the most common plastic packaging machinery blown film machine, occasionally also can appear membrane fold, the fundamental reason is that film transverse thickness uneven, even a very small, also can cause obvious fold after accumulation, become thin to experimental film, film tear test, friction coefficient and other measurement data.The emergence of China's plastic film first greatly promoted our country's agricultural production, can be said to be an innovative landmark.Then derived plastic industrial film, agricultural film, greenhouse film and bag, food bag, garment bag and all kinds of bags, plastic film production into the era of industrialization.

Blown film machine main solution is as follows:

1, reduce the cooling air cooling air volume or mediation not divide evenly.

2, winding tension is too large to pull the film roll fold.Should be properly reduce the tension of the winding roller.

3, membrane mouth crowded is uneven, should be mediation module, in a vertical state.

4, to reduce the melt temperature, can effectively reduce the melt liquid, when die extrusion is strong, is not caused by cooling wind and skew of membrane bubble film cooling.

5, herringbone plate Angle is too large, makes the film get squashed in a short time, so fold problems, should be properly reduce the herringbone plate Angle.

The cling film is made from a kind of nylon semi transparent film packaging machine, the transparent film, good permeability, on the interlayer containing a certain amount of sand syrup, gently coated surfaces, it is a harmless film must ensure that the environmental protection, at the same time a strong water permeability, absorb the fruit and vegetable juice, purpose of preservation, the special raw material need film blowing machine has high traction and drawing ability, guarantee product toughness breathable membrane, food packaging are the largest film application field, chengdu blown film machine blown out high-end film can be used as a propaganda, commodity packaging to improve business value.

Can say, blown film machine equipment series products, covering almost all areas of the plastic film production.More because it's in technical innovation and breakthrough, using plastic particles and a variety of renewable particles as raw material to blowing all kinds of novel, cheap and durable, non-toxic plastic film.

Chinese blown film machineGroup of companies from outside the introduction of advanced technology, the production of plasticsPlastic film blowing machineEquipment professional company, the design is novel, the craft is advanced, technical force is abundant, the seriation, standardization, products have sold well all over the country, favored by the customers.Welcome to inquire!0411-86260347

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