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Plastic film blowing machine, what needs to be done before starting to prepare?

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Plastic film blowing machine, what needs to be done before starting to prepare?

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Plastic film blowing machine, what needs to be done before starting to prepare?

In order to meet the market all kinds of product packaging,Blown film machineMachinery manufacturing industry produce of new film blowing machine have flake blown film machine, PE blown film machine, multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, striped blown film machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, and so on.Plastic film blowing machine, what needs to be done before starting to prepare?Dalian plastics blown film machineFactory introduction for you.

Plastic film blowing machine boot

1, check and add good reducer, the lubrication oil in the compressor, check the lubrication of mechanical transmission parts.

2, check the blowing film machine installation work is installed according to the requirement, and check all bolts in good condition.

3, check the feed is a foreign body, may not have in the raw materials mixed with iron filings or other undesirable material.

4, check the heating system and temperature measuring system in good condition.

5, the material requirements shall be dry, otherwise should be dry.

6, inspection on power supply, electric parts, each part should be safely grounded.

7, within the cylinder is filled with plastic, full of plastic and the temperature did not meet requirements of ban on startup.

8, the boot process, the irrelevant personnel should leave, to prevent the material out of local overheating burns, to prevent the belt and the mixing drum scratches, to prevent a hair, clothing swept to take in.

Blown film machine is one of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry, when the flexible packaging gradually become the protagonist of food packaging materials.Blown film machine and the quality of the blown film technology determines the quality of the film forming.So a good performance in the film blowing machine in the process of production of thin films showed good ability to adapt the market, improve the production efficiency at the same time, provide convenience for the people and promote the harmonious development of society.Food packaging is the most thin film application field, blown film machine blown high-grade film can be used as a propaganda, commodity packaging to improve business value.

Plastics blown film lineFactory from the introduction of advanced technology, specializing in the productionDouble blow film machineMonolayer film blowing machine, a single layer,Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machineSuch as blowing film machine.Guarantees products, is responsible for the safe commissioning, training operators, welcome customers to negotiate, the choose and 

Plastic film blowing machine

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